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Buku Dengan Judul


Sebuah buku inspirasi yang menceritakan kisah sukses seorang miliader muda Yovita Hamdani.

” Real good books, dare to dream, work real hard, rise after you fall, trust in God.” This is the formula for success, proven over hundreds of years, practised by millions of succesful people all over the world. Yovita’s “Anda Terlahir Kaya” is, once again, proff that the formula works. read it and you’ll get inspired to reach for the stars. yes, God Wants you to be rich !”

Jamnes Gwee

indonesia’s Favourites Seminar Speaker & Trainer


“Anda tidak akan berani mengaku miskin setelah membaca buku ini.”

Bong Chandra

Entrepreneur, Author, Motivator


” Whlie mojority of the people complain about how unlucky their life are, Yovita Hamdani proves that you were born RICH. FIND out her powerful story, LEARN how she turns every black coals into diamonds, and ACT as soon as possible! It is true, you were Born RICH.” 

Darmadi Darmawangsa M.Sc., C. E n g.

Fight Like a Tiger  Win Like a Champion ( 20th Edition )